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Unlimited  Clix

Terms of service.


General use and conditions:

You may only use unlimited Clix from a resedential IP address using a residential ISP. Any datacenters, Proxys, Servers accessing our site will be suspended upon login, ad click or cashout which every triggers our security.

You may only use you mouse or finger to click ads from a compuer or mobile device. We do not reccomend a mobile device as our website is not mobile optimised. This is by choice from our advertisers request.

If you use any auto clicker, macro, server or any other type of software to use this site and click ads your account will be suspended and your details will be blacklisted.

You may only create one account, any attempt to bypass our security and create more than 1 account will result in all accounts being suspended. This included account sharing and team account activity.

You are allowed to offer your referrals an incentive to click for you (PTSU, Ref Share etc) But you will forefit any position in our contests and will not be allowed to claim any of our referral related bonuses.


Rented Referrals and Profit Share System:

All purchases of Rented referrals and share do not guarantee you a return and is not classed as an Investment. All purchases are done so at your own risk and no refunds will be made for any deposits into our website.

All retuens from Rented referrals or profit shares are paid to your account balance and can be withdrawn at any time or used to purchase other products on our website.


Contest Feature:

All contest positions are not final until they have been independantly checked by our staff.

Any fraudulent gains will result in forefiting your prize and contest position.

No PTSU, Refback or other incentive is allowed when contests are running.


Refund Policy:

You can find our refund policy here: http://www.unlimitedclix.com/index.php?view=refund


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Global Advertising Service Ltd 
Registered Business Number: 10609483
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